Eamon Achasse Application

  1. Ibn Khatab, Ozzymandias Duskwalker, any ex-KOCs

  2. Ibn Khatab

  3. N/A

  4. Started off in lowsec with Shifting Sands Trader Cartel, we were a bunch of wannabe pirates, mostly just noobs learning the game, pvped with our neighbours and did a whole lot of gatecamping. They eventually folded and i went up to fade with some corpies and we joined Space Monkies Alliance. Mostly just krabbing and null sec fleet fights, wasn’t a fan so i left after a couple of months, I wanted more small gang and scaled down brawls so I went to OFOC(Odins Call) in spooky space. Blew up a ton of stuff, learned how to multibox, beat up some krabs, evicted some dirty french canadians and had a krab hole for a bit. Eventually left when i didn’t have as much time to play and couldn’t scan wormholes as my full time job, went to The Culture in fountain. Had a fun time with them, big fights but a lot of really good pilots and could punch above our weightclass, got to use caps and did a bit of isk printing. Then I took a break for a while and when I came back i went back to my buddies in OFOC, we moved to C2 space as high class wormholes were a ghost town. Killed a bunch of stuff and pooped on the heads of carrier pilots. Took another break and came back wanting something more stable and less work then the wormhole life. That’s when i became a KOC. I completed a lot of personal goals in UKOC like owning a super and they were a solid group of guys. Test has been fun, small pvp when i want, blops, bloc fights and enough money to pay for my toys. I took a break during the week of the march ddos attacks and now looking to come back. jeez its been a lot in 6 years.

  5. Canadian(not french canadian) i like hockey, beer, bad jokes and cooking

  6. Mix of EU and US, depends on work schedule

  7. Character Name SP Role Zkill
    Eamon Achasse 80m PVP/subcaps https://zkillboard.com/character/94977833/
    Thomas Partore 50m Caps/PVP https://zkillboard.com/character/95825467/
    Aaron Achasse 54m Caps/PVP https://zkillboard.com/character/95357704/
  8. Own a Hel on Thomas, aaron can fly a sweet phoenix but currently don’t have one

  9. Hel on Thomas

  10. Small gang pvp and watching somebody for hours in a wormhole then delivering some ammo to them. Scanning wormhole chains is pretty relaxing as well.

  11. Small gang roams, as well as medium sized wormhole brawls, however it has been a while and wormhole mechanics don’t translate to null sec very well.

  12. Super ratting, abyssals

  13. Check for planned ops to see what kind of time I have, maybe do some scanning in the region or check for any juicy connections to blops through/ take a small gang. If i’m getting low on the dollar bills i’ll whip the Hel out or run some abyssal sites

  14. Tell them to whip out thier thick KOC

  15. [Vagabond, Eamon Achasse’s Vagabond]
    Damage Control II
    Gyrostabilizer II
    Gyrostabilizer II
    Nanofiber Internal Structure II
    Tracking Enhancer II

50MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
Medium Cap Battery II
Warp Disruptor II
Large Ancillary Shield Booster,Navy Cap Booster 150

Small Energy Neutralizer II
650mm Artillery Cannon II,Republic Fleet EMP M
650mm Artillery Cannon II,Republic Fleet EMP M
650mm Artillery Cannon II,Republic Fleet EMP M
650mm Artillery Cannon II,Republic Fleet EMP M
650mm Artillery Cannon II,Republic Fleet EMP M

Medium Ancillary Current Router II
Medium Kinetic Shield Reinforcer II

Acolyte II x5

Probably a bit dated but the vagabond is one of my favourite ships behind the cloaky proteus(RIP). Stay on the edge of the fight picking of small tackle and shooting at squishy ships. Good alpha and fast as hell.

  1. I can scan a mean wormhole

  2. Negative

  3. Wyvern wins in looks but Hel wins in everything else