Hoed Cosmere Application

  1. Do you know anyone in BOS that may remember you?Please post their names.
  2. Is there anyone in BOS that may be willing to vouch for you?
    IBN has promised that I do not have their vouch…
    Is that an Anti vouch? Does that count against me?
  3. If you don’t know anyone, how did you hear about Black Omega?
    IBN told me that this was a good corp
  4. Tell us about your time in Eve (alliances, corps etc).
    ooooooooh booooy where do we start

started out eve, got invited to a weird corp, left after a day when no one would help me at all
proceeded to “win eve” for a year (maybe a bit more)

Joined Killer cockatoos and PvPed around Sey and Ane for a while
Decided to give worm holing a try and joined Foxholers
At the time they were a small group, and I was welcomed, however my timezone and school made it so when I was online I was the only one, and decided to go back to Killer Cockatoos. I here that outfoxed has grown by quite a bit in my absence XD
Joined my current corp (NOB) because of SRP (they had amazing SRP that allowed me to pvp all day in expensive stuff)
However the guy holding it together and funding the PvP left eve, donated 5b + skill injectors and left.
Many people dropped out, but I stayed (0% tax rate is better than the 5% NPC one)
however as time has gone by, more and more have left, leaving me the only one active in my time. Solo is fun, but honestly I prefer having comm chatter.
Hence why I’ve been looking for a place to call “home” with a bit more activity in my timezone.
5. Tell us a bit about yourself as a person.
I am a person…
I consider myself pretty easy going and stuff…
Here’s my stream: https://www.twitch.tv/hoedcosmere
it has videos that show how I am as a person I guess.
It only has recent ones though (I didn’t have the setting to save videos on, I am very much a klutz)
6. What is your main TZ? What hours do you usually play in?
Eastern USTZ
ZKill says I’m active 13:00 - 2:00

  1. List all of your characters below including;

    • How many SP (to the nearest million)
    • What their role is and links to their killboard
    Character Name SP Role KB Link
    Hoed Cosmere 30m PvP / main zkillboard
    Hoid Cosmere 30m Capital alt / dread whelper zkillboard
  2. Do you have any capitals? If so, what and which character.
    Hoid Cosmere
    Can do carrier / dread on minmatar
    Could do the others if I bought the skill books I guess

  3. Do you have any Supercapitals/Titans?
    No D:

  4. What type of gameplay do you enjoy the most?

  5. Do you have any FC experience?
    Yes, I have FCed for all my corps, Spectre Fleet, and more recently The Triglavian Initiative

  6. How do you make ISK ingame?
    Donations from stream XD

  7. SCENARIO 1: You log in and not much is happening…what do you do?

I grab one of my many frigates and head out to go shoot people (after checking to see if anything is going to happen soon). Hopefully bring some friends along

  1. SCENARIO 2: Someone calls you a faggit in comms…what do you do?

Ask them if that’s a statement of fact, or a hopeful question (insert winky face here)

  1. Can you provide your favorite solo PVP fit and explain how you would fly it?

    [Tristan, Hoed Cosmere's Tristan]
    Damage Control II
    Nanofiber Internal Structure II
    Small Ancillary Armor Repairer,Nanite Repair Paste
    5MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive
    Stasis Webifier II
    Warp Disruptor II
    280mm Howitzer Artillery II,Republic Fleet Depleted Uranium S
    280mm Howitzer Artillery II,Republic Fleet Depleted Uranium S
    Small Auxiliary Nano Pump I
    Small Polycarbon Engine Housing I
    Small Polycarbon Engine Housing I
    Acolyte II x8

orbit 20km against most targets
Keep web heated (if they get too close hit them with it)
If they try to slingshot heat point (and prop if needed)
if target is brawl or is unable to apply at 20km or 15km, keep at range at 15km and switch to close range ammo (or if target is trying to slingshot)
This thing’s biggest weakness is it’s cap, and if you run low I try to dissengage
or turn off the MWD and heat everything if I don’t care about dying \o/ (which I normally don’t especially in this tristan which is under 10m)

  1. Are there any corp/alliance services you could provide?Examples being; scouting, wormhole mapping, running cynos etc?
    Scouting, wormhole mapping, running cynos, FCing, being a friend, etc.

  2. Have you had any previous mains?What happened to them? (Ideally with forum selling posts, etc)

  3. Hel or Wyvern?
    It’s just so much better looking, and honestly if you’re flying a super the only thing you need to care about is really armor / shield.
    So I’d go with Hel given its symmetry
    The Wyvern just looks funny and sad.

EDIT I forgot a question