Onixc Demire Application

  1. Do you know anyone in BOS that may remember you?Please post their names.

    I do not.

  2. Is there anyone in BOS that may be willing to vouch for you?


  3. If you don’t know anyone, how did you hear about Black Omega?

    I was browsing zkillboard and looking for an active PvP corp that’s a part of Legacy, and Black Omega Security kept coming up at the top of the list.

  4. Tell us about your time in Eve (alliances, corps etc).

    So I started back in 2008 when I was 14, had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Quit after a few months, and played on and off over the next 9 years. In 2012 I got my first taste of life in nullsec with a corp called Red Galaxy, but still had no idea what I was doing. Proceeded to lose most of my assets and didn’t last very long. In 2013/2014 I came back and tried life in null again. Finally started learning to make ISK and also started trying my hand at solo pvp.

    In 2016 I joined a corp called Angelus.Mortis who were a part of FCON at the time. It was in A.M that I was able to afford my first carrier, found out how much I love PvP and especially cap fights. Unfortunately about 4 months after I joined them I got a new job with a 2 hour commute and didn’t have time to play much any more.

    I just recently got a new job with a 10 minute commute instead, and now that I finally have free time again I’m back to EVE.

  5. Tell us a bit about yourself as a person.

    I’m real laid back, mostly play games in my spare time but also enjoy reading sci-fi/fantasy books and working on small projects (I’m a software engineer, I have a lot of those). I have a very dry sense of humor, I’m a big fan of beer and a bigger fan of whiskey.

  6. What is your main TZ? What hours do you usually play in?

    US PST. I’ll be most active during 00:00-06:00 UTC on weekdays, and 19:00-09:00 on weekends.

  7. List all of your characters below including;

Onixc Demire 43m Main, PvP/Ratter https://zkillboard.com/character/92821421/
Onixci Demire 61k Jita Alt
Onixci Felistas 1m High sec PvE, unused since 2013
Aneisun Shouna 5m Miner
Juniper Augustus 5m Miner
Lyco Romulius 7m Scout/Cyno alt
ITrinityl 5m First character, bit of everything, unused since 2014
G4mb17 110k Unused
IGambitI 56k Unused
Xev Ruiizu 44m PvP/Cyno alt https://zkillboard.com/character/1508418399/
  1. Do you have any capitals? If so, what and which character.

    • If no, why not?

    Yep, I fly carriers & faxes. Currently have an Archon, used to/may still have a 2nd archon, nidhoggur & apostle. My alt Xev is currently training for the Revelation, 90 days out from a full T2 fit + support skills.

  2. Do you have any Supercapitals/Titans?

    • If yes, what and which character.

    Negative, though one of my primary goals right now is getting a Hel.

  3. What type of gameplay do you enjoy the most?

    PvP! I love all of it, solo roaming, small gangs, big fleet ops, hotdropping, but most of all big cap fights. There’s nothing else like it for me.

  4. Do you have any FC experience?

    • If yes please elaborate
    • If no to the above, are you interested?

    I haven’t FC’d for anything more than a small group of friends, 3-4 pilots at most. And yes, I am definitely interested in learning to FC. It’s something I didn’t really have the opportunity to do previously and have always wanted to try.

  5. How do you make ISK ingame?

    Mostly carrier ratting/PI. I used to multibox a small mining fleet in nullsec as well, though it was mindnumbingly boring and not very profitable so I stopped.

  6. SCENARIO 1: You log in and not much is happening…what do you do?

    If my bank is looking good then I’ll fit up a ship and go for a solo roam. Otherwise, probably carrier rat until I have enough isk to solo whelp roam through null in a cruiser/BC. I also enjoy frigate pvp in lowsec from time to time.

  7. SCENARIO 2: Someone calls you a faggit in comms…what do you do?

    Probably tell them to fuck off. If it escalates I’ll mute them (if possible) and otherwise ignore them until I (and they) have had time to cool off. If it continues to be a problem, talk to someone in management from their corp.

  8. Can you provide your favorite solo PVP fit and explain how you would fly it?

    I’ve been having a lot of fun doing frigate solo pvp since I started playing again, though I’ll fly anything up through BC’s in a solo roam. This Rifter fit has been a real blast to fly lately.

    How I fly it depends heavily on what I’m fighting (what I like about frigate pvp) but if for example I’m fighting a blaster Atron then I’ll immediately point & web while overheating my AB to try and pull range out to ~4500m, then load barrage and orbit. If he trys to slingshot back into me, burn away and overheat web/point if needed.

    For another example if I’m fighting a rocket fit Kestral: load burn out to 9000m and keep web up while trying to maximize transversal. Overheat web/ab & rep if needed.

[Rifter, SoloLowSec]

Damage Control I
Counterbalanced Compact Gyrostabilizer
400mm Rolled Tungsten Compact Plates
Small Ancillary Armor Repairer, Nanite Repair Paste

1MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
Faint Epsilon Scoped Warp Scrambler
X5 Enduring Stasis Webifier

200mm AutoCannon II
200mm AutoCannon II
200mm AutoCannon II

Small Ancillary Current Router II
Small Explosive Armor Reinforcer I
Small Projectile Burst Aerator I

Standard Exile Booster

Barrage S x720
Hail S x720
Nanite Repair Paste x40
Republic Fleet EMP S x720
Republic Fleet Phased Plasma S x720
  1. Are there any corp/alliance services you could provide?Examples being; scouting, wormhole mapping, running cynos etc?

    2 scouts & cyno alts (one cyno alt now needs to train into force recons), mining boosts (unsure if I’ll actually be mining much), fancy spreadsheets.

  2. Have you had any previous mains?What happened to them? (Ideally with forum selling posts, etc)

    One, ITrinityl. That was my main when I first started playing in 2008. I still have that account/character, but I didn’t like the way I had spent my SP so I chose to make Onixc Demire my main instead.

  3. Hel or Wyvern?

    Hel, easy. One of my first goals now that I’m playing again is getting a Hel. I wasn’t far off before, but I believe I’ve lost close to 8b in assets in stations that were destroyed or are no longer accessible. The price of being unable to play for 3 years.